This Yahoo groups mail list is intended to maintain a discussion of design issues affecting the Open Source Motor Controller Project. The hardware design in this project will be open to anyone to build and experiment with. We welcome hobbiests and professionals alike to discuss the problems and solutions of building a reliable PMDC motor controller.

Mailinglist notes Edit

  • Feb 2016 Shield the signal cable between cpu and driver board from motor magnetic flux. It took the OP poster 96 posts and several days of his life to figure this out. Yet this problem has been discussed hundreds of times on the mailing list and elsewhere on motor drivers because the solution never gets documented on some type of wiki.
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  • Aug 2015 Buried in between 7400 emails is the essential information about the 96% PWM issue .... finally documented on a wiki, yea!

other ESC projects Edit

Links Edit Polyprop with epoxy makes strong cast resin. Polypropylene cloth (Roll of "Landscaping fabric", "cloth grocery bags" or other sources) - Epoxy resin (at least 1 Kg for mini size. Many brands will work fine. I've been using "West System") The body parts mold and C-clamps (Mini Electric Hubcap) 1. Cut strips of PP cloth from the roll, and rip them into small pieces (eg from 2" x 4" up to 4" x 6" or 6" x 8" or...???). Rip some very small pieces to stuff into the coil mounting button recesses. I stuff the pieces into plastic bags for weighing and carrying. For the mini motor, use about 75 g of fabric per ring. For the large, about 175g (IIRC). 2. Lay PE plastic on work surface. Resin doesn't bind to polyethylene. The mold is also made of polyethylene, but waxing it eases removal of the part.