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This mail list is intended to maintain a discussion of design issues affecting the Open Source Motor Controller Project. The hardware design in this project will be open to anyone to build and experiment with. We welcome hobbiests and professionals alike to discuss the problems and solutions of building a reliable PMDC motor controller. , , Dalf - advanced closed-loop control for two OSMC power boards along with serial and I2C command inputs and plentiful I/O ports. Supports user programs for custom applications. Programming support library included. The Dalf is a flexible high-performance microcontroller-based closed-loop interface to the OSMC power controller. The Dalf provides the interface between various command input sources and generates PWM signals to drive two OSMC boards. Powered by the Microchip PIC18F6722 processor running at 40 MHz, the Dalf provides ample computing horsepower for driving the OSMC boards and interpreting and conditioning a range of input sources.

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